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It’s said that around 80% of illness is caused by stress, some of which is due to emotional upset. The two things fuel one another. Emotional issues cause stress and stress causes emotional issues.
As therapists we are used to dealing with clients who are stressed, and we can usually ease it by relaxation induced therapy. However, this is short lived as we cannot remove the cause of the stress and it soon returns.
As a reflexologist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, I realised that the two therapies could be combined in a reflexology treatment to actually remove the cause of the problem which is an imbalance of the energy body. This ground breaking technique is called “Foot Tapping Reflexology (FTR™)”.
To find out more, join us for the Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology talk for the FHT on Wednesday 27th March at Blackpool Cricket Club, West Park Drive, Blackpool, FY3 9EQ at 7.0pm.
Come along and learn how to reduce your own emotional stress with EFT, and if you are a reflexologist, find out how you can have amazing results with clients.

All therapists are welcome.

We look forward to meeting you.

Peter Tomlinson MAR ITEC ART(Regd) & Jayne Gray AFTR Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology

Following the success of the training weekend in November 2018 (see Decembers blog below), we are running another on 13th - 15th September 2019.
On this weekend we will be doing all 3 workshops, FTR1, FTR2 and Advanced Techniques in Reflexology.
Places are limited so early booking is recommended.

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The Reflexology Training Weekend in November at The Briery Retreat Centre in Ilkley was a great success. There were 10 students who worked really hard throughout the weekend learning the advanced techniques, Foot Tapping techniques (FTR1) and how to treat emotional problems with FTR2. As we had such a lot to cover in 2 days and 2 evenings, Jayne and I wondered if we could actually fit it all in. We did manage to complete everything we intended to do. The questionnaire feedback was excellent, which has convinced us that the experiment worked and we will be running the weekends again in the future. People enjoyed the fact that everyone was together for the whole weekend and could share meals together as well as learning together and sharing experiences. We found that 10 was an ideal number for this weekend, and so that will be the maximum number in future.
The Briery enjoyed having us and are looking forward to us returning.

BLOG. Briery pic.

MARCH 2018

As I write this, the "beast from the east" and storm Emma are battering us. As my clients have understandably cancelled, I am taking the time to write this blog and announce a new venture for the Academy. We have listened to your requests to do both FTR1 and FTR2 on the same weekend, and so we are trialling a "REFLEXOLOGY TRAINING WEEKEND". This will be a residential weekend from 4.0pm on Friday 23rd November until 4.0pm on Sunday 25th November 2018.
This will be at the Briery Retreat Centre, 38 Victoria Ave. Ilkley, W.Yorkshire, LS29 9BW.
The cost is £350 and includes FULL BOARD ACCOMMODATION in a single en-suite room and ALL 3 of our workshops (FTR1, FTR2, and the Advanced Techniques in Reflexology).
On completion of this weekend you will be eligible to take the FTR assessment at a later date to become a registered member of the Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology and use the letters AFTR after your name.

Ilkley is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales at the foot of Ilkley Moor and is reachable by train via Leeds . The Briery Retreat Centre (photo above) is situated in a quiet area just outside this quaint market town. The Briery offers peaceful and relaxing surroundings with clean, simple, comfortable rooms and excellent home cooking. Dietary restrictions can be catered for with prior notice.
We are looking forward to sharing this remarkable technique with you, enabling you to give your clients the best possible treatment and give them the “ZING” factor that will also bring you many more clients. FTR does what normal reflexology so far cannot do. Come and find out how!

We are taking reflexology to another level!

If you have already done a FTR workshop, why not use this as a refresher or just a weekend away with fellow reflexologists.
There will be limited numbers and we are expecting this to be popular, so early booking is recommended.
As always, the weekend is open to fully qualified reflexologists and students of reflexology, and will give you CPD points.
For a booking form please contact via this website or ring 01254 248989.


I heard Chris Evans on the Breakfast Show on Radio 2 the other day interviewing a practitioner and trainer in Hypnobirthing. Everyone was enthusing as to how brilliant it is, which I’ve no doubt it is.
It seems it works by targeting the fear of childbirth and installs a positive attitude to the birthing process. Some hypnobirthing therapists seem to be offering courses of 12 hours over 5 sessions for between £200 and £400. This equates to between £40 and £80 per session. Some are offering a “Do It Yourself DVD” for £149.
An FTR trained practitioner can achieve the same results and more during one single reflexology treatment and treat the physical aspects of labour at the same time.
Most reflexologists charge between £30 and £45, unless you are in London or some parts of the south of England. So a treatment with a FTR trained reflexologist will not only do the same as hypnobirthing, but also give you all the benefits of reflexology as well.


If you are a FTR practitioner reading this, why not make yourself known to expectant mums in your area.


We are now in the holiday season and people will be jetting off to foreign parts for their two weeks in the sun. For some people it makes their life hell with all the things that need to be done before they can have their well-earned holiday. How many people have actually thought, “Is it really worth it?” The answer is, “Yes it is”. We all need to get away and recharge our batteries, whether that’s on a beach in the sunshine or in a caravan in Bognor watching the rain through the window, or worst still – in a tent.
Very often it’s cheaper to spend your two weeks abroad than here in the UK. The thing that puts some people off going abroad is FLYING. Does the thought of getting on a plane make your stomach churn, your pulse race or bring you out in a hot sweat?
A FTR trained reflexologist can help you get rid of this problem and be happy and confident to climb aboard a plane to be whisked off on the holiday of your dreams.

Whatever you decide to do this summer – ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY.

MAY 2017

The trial at St. George’s Hospital in London being done by Nick Pivot has had to come to an end.
For personal family reasons, Nick has had to resign from all his commitments in Britain and move back to France.
However the trial did prove to us that FTR was very effective in pain management for sickle cell patients and patients suffering peripheral neuropathy due to chemotherapy. These patients were on high doses of morphine several times a day to control pain. Following a FTR treatment, some of these patients could go for 48 hours without morphine. This did not happen when they received ordinary reflexology.

I would like to thank Nick for all his effort in running the trial and wish him well in his life in France.
Nick is hoping to start a section of the BRA in France as he was their education officer and I know he is committed to continue moving forward with FTR over there.
I am looking forward to training reflexologists in France in the future.

BLOG. 1stftr2

APRIL 2017

March 19th at Churchfield House in Gt. Harwood was our first FTR2 training with 6 students from various parts of the country.
It went well, with excellent feedback from the questionnaires. Jayne and I also learnt a lot from it.

Many more clients should now be getting the "ZING FACTOR".

BLOG. ftr1march17

FTR1 workshop on 2nd April at Churchfield House with 10 students keen to learn this wonderful technique.

MARCH 2017

What is a problem?

The definition of a problem in the Oxford Dictionary is:
“Something difficult to deal with or understand, or a thing to be solved or dealt with”.

In truth -It does not exist!
Yes, believe it or not, but there is no such thing as a problem.
The only “problem” is our perception of a “problem”. In other words it is how we view it.

When we have a problem, it is how we have been programmed over the years by what we have experienced or learnt. This determines our view of life and how we react to a situation. No two people will act exactly the same way to any given situation.
This means that there has to be a solution to overcome the “perceived problem”.

Here is an example:

We are out for a walk along a country lane and intend to take a footpath through a field. However when we get to the gate we find that there is an untethered bull in the field.
The immediate perception of the problem is that there is something stopping us from doing what we want to do, which is cross the field.
The bull itself is not a problem. It is a bull and bulls live in fields.
If we were the farmer who owns the field it would not be a problem to him as he has put the bull there and does not have a problem with bulls.
If we were a motorist driving down the country lane, a bull in that field would not be a problem.
The only person who perceives a problem with the bull is us because we want to go through that field.
We now need to find a solution to our perceived problem.
We have several options, we could decide to go a different route to avoid the field, we could find the farmer who owns the field and complain that the bull should not be there as it is a public footpath, or we could decide we are brave enough to cross the field and hope that the bull is content to eat grass and not bother us.
The decision we make will depend on our life experiences of the past and how we assess risk and possible outcomes of our actions.

When we have an emotional problem, it is our “perception” of the problem that is disturbing our energy body and not what we think is the problem. This also applies to various situations we have been in in the past that are contributing to how we see our problem.
Some of our problems will involve other people, partners, parents, friends, or in fact anything that involves another human being, and our problem may be due to how we are reacting to that other person or people.
What we have to realise is that we cannot change the other person, we can only change our perception of the situation we are in with that person.
This is particularly true with bereavement issues. We cannot bring the deceased back to life.
As FTR or EFT practitioners, we can only take away the disturbance in the energy body that is causing the emotional pain and hopefully install positive suggestions for viewing the situation. This includes suggestions that life is still worth living and moving on in the way that they want to live it after a period of grieving.
The same is true for any kind of relationship breakup. Perversely, as human beings we seem to take this kind of suffering in a strange way. When someone devastates us by leaving us, we react by our subconscious mind saying, “Right – I’ll show him or her how much I’m suffering” and act accordingly, when in truth the other person concerned does not care about how we feel at all, or they would not have left. So really there is no point beating ourselves up for something that is not of our making. We need to look at positives for the advantages of being without that person and moving on.
Of course we could have guilt issues, “Did I make them leave by being ****?” If that’s the case then these issues need tapping away before the moving on process can begin.

The job of the practitioner is TO CHANGE THE PERCEPTION OF THE PROBLEM.


Last Thursday night I went to see Bernard Wrigley (the Bolton Bullfrog) in his “Evening with Bernard Wrigley”. My face has only just recovered from laughing so much. He is a brilliant musician, song writer, actor and poet, and well worth seeing (
This led me to thinking, what makes a great performer? For anyone just starting out in the entertainment business, I would recommend going to see live performances by people who have successfully been in the business for a lot of years, just to see how they can magically hold an audience in the palm of their hand and appear to do it with no effort.
What they have is more than just talent. They have the ability to transmit their love of what they do and enthusiasm across to the audience. That comes from having a confidence in their ability to do it which may have taken years of experience to acquire.
This reminded me of running a stage fright workshop for a group of students from a local music school. I had seen them perform at a showcase show at the local theatre where I was a technician at the time. Each student was introduced by their tutor and walked nervously onto the stage, stood like a plank of wood, sang their song with no smile on their face and then virtually ran off in relief that it was all over. This made me think, “Why are these people putting themselves through this if they don’t enjoy what they are doing?”
After their show I approached the tutor and offered an EFT stage fright workshop. The workshop was arranged for a Saturday afternoon and a concert was also arranged, at my suggestion, on the Saturday night for the results of the workshop to be tested.
I informed the tutor that in the concert she would not be introducing her students as they would be introducing themselves and talking to the audience. She said that I would never get them to actually talk to the audience as she had never managed to get them to do this. My reply was, “I enjoy a challenge”.
After an explanation of EFT and teaching them the tapping points, we proceeded with a group tap (everyone tapping on themselves at the same time) for various common issues of fear, confidence etc. They were then asked to write their own script of what they were going to say. The group tap worked well with only a couple of people that I had to take to one side and do a one to one session with them for specific issues they had.
Then came crunch time – the concert!
Every student walked confidently on stage, introduced themselves and explained the song they were about to sing and why they had chosen it, sang it with expression, smiled and were completely relaxed. Their tutor stood at the side of the stage with mouth wide open.

Life is too short not to enjoy what you do. So if you are thinking about a life in the entertainment business, ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this?” If the answer is, ”Yes, but I’m not sure I have the confidence”, then why not investigate an EFT stage fright workshop. This can be arranged by the Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology for you. We deal in other things than “feet”!


Here we are at the start of another year. I can’t believe the speed at which 2016 went. They say that’s a sign of old age!

I was lucky enough to be away on a Caribbean cruise over Christmas and the New Year. The ship invited passengers on the days at sea to join a choir. As I’ve never been in a choir, I decided to give it a try. This was a whole new experience for me. Those of you that know me will know that I also have a musical career having played in pop bands in the 60’s and cabaret and folk bands ever since. Just give me a guitar and a microphone and away I go.
The choir experience came as a total shock. People were reading different vocal parts on sheet music, something that I’ve never been able to do as in my world everything is done just by ear. I found this extremely confusing and frustrating. No longer could I just do my own thing as I quickly learned that I had no control over the keys the songs were being sung in, and what was in most people’s voice range was definitely not in mine.
All of this put me outside of my comfort zone. I did learn a lot from the experience, in particular that I can actually sing higher than I thought I could if I have to, and that my breath control was far better than anyone else’s, even the professional singers who were running the choir.
We should all do something from time to time that scares us, or makes us feel nervous, because that’s when we learn new things and also things about ourselves. It’s easy to stay safe with what we know and do, but we don’t grow and move forward.

Below is a poem that found its way onto the meditation CD that Jean and I did several years ago as part of our “Change your energy – Change your life” weekend retreats. I wish I knew who wrote it, as I would like to give them the credit for it. It came to me just as “Anonymous”. Whoever you are a big thank you.

My Comfort Zone

I use to have a Comfort Zone
Where I knew I couldn't fail
The same four walls of busy work
Were really more like jail.

I longed so much to do the things
I'd never done before,
But I stayed inside my Comfort Zone
And paced the same old floor

I claimed to be so busy
With the things inside my zone,
But deep inside I longed for
Something special of my own.

I couldn't let my life go by,
Just watching others win.
I held my breath and stepped outside
And let the change begin.

I took a step and with new strength
I'd never felt before,
I kissed my Comfort Zone 'goodbye'
And closed and locked the door.

If you are in a Comfort Zone,
Afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners were
At one time filled with doubt.

A step or two and words of praise,
Can make your dreams come true.
Greet your future with a smile,
Success is there for you!

I hope that in 2017 you will all step outside your comfort zone and make this world a better place.

26th June 2016

The 23rd June 2016 was a historic day for Britain with the vote to stay or leave the E.U.
Whatever your view of the outcome to leave the E.U. one thing is for sure is that it will affect ALL of us whether we like it or not.
The country is divided and emotions are running high. What a large number of people are feeling is anger, fear and uncertainty. What will the future hold? No one knows, but now the decision has been made democratically by the British people, there will be no going back.
One thing that I can predict is that the amount of illness will rise due to the worry and uncertainty of the coming few months and years.
Now is the time for alleviating the negative emotions and turning them into positive ones. This needs to be regarded as an opportunity to make Britain “Great” again. What the country needs now is positive energy and lots of it.
As FTR practitioners we are ideally placed to be able to do this for our clients. Reflexology on its own will only relieve their stress with relaxation. What we can do with FTR is remove the negative emotions and turn them into positive ones, but first we must turn our own negative emotions into positive ones before we can help others. After all, we cannot change the situation we are in whatever your political views, and keeping negative thoughts about this will not help your situation and will ultimately not help your health and wellbeing.
If you are suffering any negativity such as fear, anger, uncertainty etc. I would suggest doing a few rounds of EFT on yourself. If you remember the technique we used at the end of the workshop when we did a “group tap” to increase your confidence in using FTR, then it’s exactly the same as that.
If it wasn’t done on your workshop look at (Gold standard, basic techniques) for the tapping points.

Now try this:-

Tap on side of hand point saying, “Even though I feel (insert how you feel e.g. angry) about this situation, I now choose to let go of this feeling”. Do this 3 times saying it out loud.

Then tap on the following points as follows whilst concentrating on the feeling you have got.
Top of head – “I don’t want this (insert feeling)”
Eyebrow – “I don’t need to have this (insert feeling)”
Side of eye - “This feeling of (insert feeling) is serving no useful purpose”.
Under eye – “It’s ok to let this (insert feeling) go”.
Under nose – “It’s perfectly safe to let go of this (insert feeling)”.
Chin – “I deserve to let go of this (insert feeling)”.
Collarbone – “I choose to let go of this (insert feeling)”.
Under arm – “I let go of this (insert feeling) now.”

Try and give the feeling a score before you start. On a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is bad, how bad is the feeling?
Do several rounds of tapping until the score comes down to 0 or you no longer have the feeling.

Now it’s time to install the positives. How do you want to feel about this – more optimistic, enthusiastic, confident that things will improve?
Now give yourself a score between 0 and 10 on how enthusiastic, confident, optimistic etc. you are where a 0 is you are not and 10 is 100% enthusiastic etc.

Now try the following tapping suggestions or be creative and come up with things that mean a lot to you.

Side of hand – Even though I am only (insert score) percent (insert feeling required e.g. optimistic etc.), I now choose to increase this. Do this 3 times.

Top of head – “I choose to increase my score now”.
Eyebrow – “ It’s ok to be more (insert feeling e.g. optimistic), and I choose to increase this feeling now”.
Side of eye – “It’s perfectly safe to increase my feeling of (insert feeling) now”.
Corner of eye – “Being more (insert feeling) will make me feel better”.
Under eye – “It’s ok to feel better about this”.
Under nose – “I owe it to myself to feel better about this”
Chin – “ I now choose to feel more (insert feeling) and happy about this”.
Collarbone – “I choose to increase my feeling of (insert feeling) now”.
Under arm – “I choose to feel more (insert feeling) and happy with my life”.

Now take another score and continue with the above until it’s at a 10 or you feel better about it.

Now you’re in a positive zone, you can help your clients with FTR.
If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me.

Let’s do our bit to help heal this divided nation and make Britain “GREAT” again.

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