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Do you have a phobia?

Scared of anything - flying, heights, water, spiders, exams, dentists, driving test, public speaking, singing, performing, anything at all?

Do you want to give up smoking or drinking?

Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

Do you want to improve your sporting performance?

Do you lack confidence?

Do you want to enhance your relationships?

The list is endless.

If the answer to any of the above is YES

Then EFT can probably help YOU

What some of my clients have said about EFT.

I would never have imagined that my panic attacks on buses were caused by an incident that I had forgotten about that happened over 40 years ago.
I didn’t expect EFT to work, but Peter persuaded me to try it, and now I can travel on buses with no problem. It’s amazing.
GM – Blackburn

I could never pass exams. I knew everything I had to know, but just went to pieces in exams and interviews.
I decided to try EFT and after one session I felt confident and capable.
I sat an exam two weeks later and passed with the highest mark ever reached 98%.
SB – Carnforth

I went to Peter for a reflexology treatment. He could tell I was on edge about something. I finally admitted that I had a dentist appointment that afternoon and was dreading it. I faced many fears in the army during the war, but I didn’t like admitting that now in my seventies I was terrified of dentists. It only took fifteen minutes of tapping and I went to the dentist that afternoon quite happily. Now dentists are no problem at all.
JM – Blackburn

Ever since I was pushed into the water by an incompetent swimming teacher when I was a child, I could not put my face in the water. Now forty-five years later and half an hours tapping, I can swim under water and open my eyes. I am looking forward to trying snorkelling.
JA – Bolton Le Sands

Hi Peter

Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for what you did on Tuesday.
I can't believe that what I have carried around with me subconsciously for 10 years has now finally been put to rest. I related the experience to my friends on Tuesday night and then again today and I did it without fear, crying or a feeling of unhappiness.
I will keep your information and pass it on to anybody who needs your help.

Thank you so much. Carry on helping others the way you have helped me.

KN - Morecambe

So How Does EFT Work?

Most of us suffer from negative emotions and patterns of behaviour at some time, which may stem from our upbringing. These may not always be helpful to us.
Events or what people say or do to us, affect all of us.
Sometimes we respond badly to these things, making life painful or uncomfortable.

"All negative emotions arise from a disturbance or blockage in our body's energy system"

This discovery has led to a revolutionary way of dealing with our emotions, through freeing these energy blocks in our system.
Working with energy is simple, it has rapid results and a very high success rate.

In simplest terms, EFT is a form of acupuncture except that we don't use needles. Instead we tap with the fingertips on certain meridian points (whilst fully clothed) to stimulate the energy system while the client concentrates on the problem.
Working with the subtle energy that flows throughout the body gives results that are FAR beyond those of conventional methods.
EFT has often been found to provide relief for a very wide range of physical symptoms, because there is an absolute link between our physical ailments and our emotional issues.
Dramatic changes can be brought about with this process.

What is this energy?

Every thing is energy; from the things we can see and feel right down to our thoughts. We know this through physics.
When someone gives us a certain look, says something to us, or we witness an event, we receive energy. If we handled all this energy well, it would flow through our body, nourish us and then flow out freely. The problem happens when energy gets blocked. If our system doesn't handle it easily enough as it comes in, it builds up, becomes denser and then can't flow through the channels which are there to carry it. We may experience tightness in the chest, throat, solar plexus and an emotion with it, such as pain, fear, rejection, anger,trauma, sadness, irritation, etc. Henceforth, until that energy pattern is dispersed, every time you think of that event, person or thing, you tune into this energy block and the emotion comes up again.

EFT aims to release this stuck energy and thereby removes the actual cause of our negative emotions. Once the energy can flow freely through us again, we are no longer hurt by that look or comment.
As we become free of our limiting emotions and beliefs, we become closer to who we truly are and to expressing ourselves more fully in life, in whatever way that may be.

With this simple EFT proceedure, it is possible to reduce specific traumas, phobias, anger, guilt, grief, sometimes within minutes, which can have a profound effect on physical ailments such as pain, headaches and breathing problems.

EFT often works where nothing else will.


COST £35 per hourly session.

To book an appointment or to discuss your problem, please ring me on:-
01254 248989


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