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This one-day workshop has lots of practical sessions where you will work on each other to practise the technique, and the treatment protocol for working with emotional issues.

We will examine the link between emotions and energy and how, as reflexologists, we can have the ability to help our clients suffering emotional pain in an easy and effective way.

At the end of this workshop, the participants will understand and be able to use the FTR technique to increase the vibrational energy of disturbed reflexes and the treatment protocol for using the technique with emotional issues.
The participants will also learn the importance of applying intention and intuition to the way they work.

There is no intention of changing the way you work as a reflexologist as every therapist works in their own way. FTR is a tool that can been used as and when required in your treatments and produces significantly better results.

An attendance certificate will be issued on completion, along with a FTR Handbook.

This workshop is for qualified reflexologists and students of reflexology.

The day is usually from 9.30am registration for a 10.00am prompt start and finishes around 5.30pm with a lunch break and breaks in the morning and afternoon.

The cost for a Blackburn area training is £120.
For people travelling by train, free transport can be arranged to and from local stations and between venue and local accommodation if required.

Training in other areas may cost more.

This is a review written by a participant about a workshop in Leeds for the members of the British Reflexology Association for their magazine.

Saturday 27 June 2015 was a very inspiring day. Gathered in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Lower Briggate, Leeds, 10 reflexologists watched, listened and then tried out “Foot Tapping”, under the watchful eye of Peter Tomlinson and Jean Allenby.

As someone who is not only a Reflexologist but also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, I was really excited to see this regional course advertised on the BRA website and applied almost immediately so that I was sure of a place. It was not necessary to know anything at all about EFT, however, to be able to take part in the activities.

Peter began by explaining how he had met Jean and then, how he had been inspired to develop this new technique. It takes Reflexology to another level, by incorporating other energy therapies into a treatment.

First, we learned how to use our thumbs or fingers as a “chisel” to tap into a reflex, in order to clear a blockage more quickly and efficiently than by normal methods. After a short demonstration, we were encouraged to try the technique for ourselves, whilst Peter and Jean answered questions and helped us perfect our methodology. As with most things, it looked and sounded so easy – until we were actually working our way around a real pair of feet.

The day passed very quickly as we moved from one protocol to another, ending up with learning how to proceed with clearing emotional issues. For me this was the most interesting part of the day. Many of my EFT clients have problems with what to say when tapping for themselves and here was the perfect answer to that problem.

My first client, after the workshop, had come to me because she was experiencing pain in her feet which she thought might be plantar fasciitis. During the second consultation, she revealed that she had developed a fear of falling over whenever she was asked to balance on the balls of her feet: as a Yoga enthusiast and long-term practitioner this was a real problem.

This was her third Reflexology session and although there had already been some general improvement, she wondered if it would change how she felt when at Yoga. I explained about the workshop I had attended and started by tapping on any sore reflexes during the treatment. Once finished, we talked about balance in general and she revealed that she had always had an issue with wearing heeled shoes, but she couldn’t recall a specific incident that might have caused the initial fear. I decided to try the protocol for clearing emotional issues.

I tapped on the meridian points on the toes as we had been taught whilst she concentrated on the feeling of fear in her stomach. As I tapped I asked her to imagine the feeling as a block of ice that was melting away. After a couple of rounds of tapping, the feeling had completely dissipated – and I could see her face was more relaxed too.

I completed the treatment by tapping in positive statements about how confident she was going to be now whenever she was using her feet in any activity.

The following week, when she arrived for her treatment, she told me that, after the tapping, she had wanted to walk home rather than catch the bus. Plus, she had arrived home feeling happy and relaxed. Two days later, she had balanced on the balls of her feet without any fear or ill effects in her Yoga class.

Since that experience with Foot Tapping, I have included tapping on any sore reflexes as an integral part of my reflexology treatments. I am also using the emotional clearing protocol when necessary.

I am so glad that I attended this event and can see the long-term benefits of Foot Tapping for all my clients in the future. The workshop was extremely informative, with lots of practical experience. The handbook we were given summarised everything we were shown and included colour photographs.

I would thoroughly recommend that, if you are given the possibility of attending a similar workshop by Peter and Jean, you definitely take the opportunity.

Jacqueline Seddon MBRA

FTR Training. ftr training 1


On this one-day workshop we will look at the emotional aspects of FTR in depth and examine the link between our emotions and energy, and how we can solve most emotional problems by changing our energy body. You will learn what the energy body is and why we can have such an effect with FTR.

You will learn how to recharge your clients with positive energy and give them the “ZING FACTOR!” This is not only good for your clients, but also your business as they will recommend you to many more people.

You will learn the revolutionary new “Meridian Cleansing Technique”.
This very gentle technique is especially good for people who are very sick or worn out by illness, depression or fatigue.

You will be taught self- help techniques for looking after your own energy body.
As therapists we spend all our time looking after other people and rarely look after ourselves the way we should. To give our clients the “ZING FACTOR”, we must first have it ourselves.

You will learn ways to approach FTR with clients.

This is an interactive workshop where you will get hands-on experience with different scenarios. If you are personally suffering from any emotional problem, we can utilise it as part of the training if you wish. It is better to have a “real” problem to work on than an acted out one as we can see a real outcome, and hopefully make you feel better at the same time.
However, as I know reflexologists are all fit and healthy and well balanced individuals (well we are supposed to be!!!!), you will be given problems to work on if necessary.

Whilst the subject matter of this one day workshop is serious, you will have FUN along the way.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting up with you again and taking you further on your journey to becoming a brilliant FTR practitioner.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have done the FTR1 training to come on this one.

The day is usually from 9.30am registration for a 10.00am prompt start and finishes around 5.30pm with a lunch break and breaks in the morning and afternoon.

An attendance certificate will be issued on completion, along with a FTR Handbook.

The cost for a Blackburn area training is £120. Training in other areas may cost more.

For people travelling by train, free transport can be arranged to and from local stations and between venue and local accommodation if required.

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