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"Taking reflexology to another level"


FTR is an exciting new development in reflexology, which is available to all qualified reflexologists and students of reflexology.

It is a technique that can be easily incorporated into your reflexology treatments, and significantly increases the effectiveness of reflexology and can also be used to ease emotional pain.

It has been researched and developed over several years by Peter Tomlinson MAR and Jean Allenby MAR.
This unique technique incorporates the theories of other energy therapies and utilises deep vibration in combination with reflexology to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of your clients.

It has been recognised for a long time that organs hold certain emotions, e.g. The Liver holds anger, the Lungs hold grief etc. It is also certain that there is a definite link between emotions and illness. We are what we think and feel, so things that upset us have a very detrimental affect on our health.

Let’s consider what are emotions?
Emotions are not just sensations that we get – good or bad, they are part of our intelligence, just like thinking. Our emotions are a form of perception.
Emotions are signals that are saying, ”Pay attention to this”. The feedback we get from our emotions is a natural and vital part of our existence. If we try to block our emotions, we block a channel of our perception. Even if we don’t want to listen to a particular emotion because it is uncomfortable and suppress it, it doesn’t go away. It will keep coming back because it is still trying to deliver its message.
If we are feeling bad, it is because there is something we need to notice about ourselves, our environment or our relationships. Our emotional intelligence reacts immediately to people and situations at an unconscious level and reads all the non-verbal signals, which tell us about physical and emotional threats and opportunities, and most importantly, it tells us how we are relating to ourselves.
Emotional pain is there to protect and guide us, just as physical pain is there to teach us not to hold our hand over a fire.
We cannot always escape from emotional pain. Things happen in our lives that upset us. In theory we should learn from these things and then allow the energy connected with that particular incident to flow away from us and move on. However if the incident is particularly traumatic or the energy system is not functioning as efficiently as it should, the energy connected with the incident can’t “escape”.
So the energy stays within our body sending out signals trying to be heard and causes us psychological or physical pain.

As reflexologists we may get feedback from the feet that a client has an emotional issue, but what can we do about it? Probably not a lot. We may be limited to just discussing it with the client, unless we are qualified in some other therapy to be able to help.

This no longer needs to be the case.

As reflexologists and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, it occurred to us that by utilizing parts from other therapies it would be possible to come up with a simple yet effective technique that can be incorporated in a normal reflexology treatment to reduce or eliminate the clients’ emotional pain. So after a lot of experimentation over several years, Foot Tapping Reflexology was born.

It soon became obvious that simply tapping on the feet did not produce the desired result, and so a technique had to be found to overcome this.
Utilizing basic mechanical principles and skills as a guitar player, we developed a simple technique that when done correctly greatly enhances the effectiveness of reflexology.

“FTR” can be used in two ways:-

To change the state of a disturbed reflex, usually much faster and more permanently than conventional techniques, or used as a method to increase energy or “kick start” a clients’ energy system. When used for this purpose it can lead to dramatic cleansing reactions.

It can be used on an emotional level to relieve or reduce emotional pain.
This can be done, if required, without the therapist actually knowing what the emotional issue is. This is very useful for embarrassing issues. All it needs is the clients’ co-operation in wanting to get rid of the emotional pain and following the simple treatment protocol.
For the benefit of reflexologists who are trained in EFT, this technique does not involve the use of setup statements.

Every reflexologist works differently, and we have no intention of changing the way you work. “FTR” can be incorporated easily into your treatments as and when required.

Here's what some of our clients have said about FTR :-

"I've had reflexology many times before with different therapists, but none have had the effect that you have".

"WOW!! There's reflexology and then there's this!"

"I can't believe reflexology can be so powerful. This goes to a deeper level than ordinary reflexology".

Here is what reflexologists have said about our FTR training:-

"An excellent workshop, very clear and well presented. I feel I have learnt a great deal".

"I couldn't believe how quickly my long term emotional problem vanished by using this technique".

"A friendly comfortable atmosphere that made asking questions easy and nice to have one to one input. Clear and precise handout material. An excellent day - I would recommend it".

"I found it the most useful CPD course I’ve ever been on and continue to use tapping in all of my reflexology treatments, specifically tapping on all meridian points on the toes. I’ve found it particularly useful, and much more powerful than standard reflexology practice, for helping clients with acute sinus problems. It seems to bring much more relief. I’ve successfully treated three clients with tapping for emotional issues and they were blown away by how quickly they felt better. One client had suffered for about 3 years with a bereavement issue and said by the end of the treatment it felt like someone had opened the curtains for her to live her life again. Her digestive issues, problems with eating and overall worry had disappeared! I also put my neck out at Christmas and couldn’t get an Osteopath appointment, so my husband tapped on the spinal reflexes in my lower leg and it brought me the relief I needed to tide me over until I could get to the Osteopath! So thank you for your course, I’ll continue to use it in all my treatments."
Jacqui Bagatelas MAR IIR BSoM Freedom Therapies.

So if you would like to learn more (and gain CPD points), why not come on the workshops.
This workshop is an "Approved CPD Event" with the AoR and will give you 15 CPD points for AoR members. For IFR members 10 CPD points can be awarded. Other organisations will award different amounts.
For details of FTR training click here

If you would like a workshop in your area, please contact me.
For more details, contact via this website or phone 01254 248989.

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