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Reflexology has progressed in the 25 years that I have been a reflexologist, but I feel that its full potential is not being reached. Reflexology is much more than a foot massage, it is a healing technique and an art form that “creates wellness”.
After studying other energy therapies, it became obvious that reflexology can be more effective than it currently is using traditional methods. By utilizing different aspects of other energy therapies and applying those to reflexology can dramatically increase its effectiveness.

It’s known that up to 80% of illness can be linked directly or indirectly to stress caused by emotional issues. Whilst normal reflexology is excellent for reducing stress through relaxation, what it cannot do is remove the emotional charge that is actually causing it. By using techniques from other energy therapies, we now can alleviate or significantly reduce the cause of the problem with FTR™.

I have spent several years researching and experimenting with FTR™ before its launch in 2012.
Since then over a hundred reflexologists have been trained in this remarkable new technique.
It is my aim that many more reflexologists can be trained nationally and worldwide to be able to give a much more effective treatment to improve the wellbeing of their clients.

FTR™ is now taking reflexology to another level. I hope that one day this level will be the standard.
To utilize its potential and make that happen, I have been persuaded by therapists and reflexology organizations to set up the “Academy of Foot Tapping Reflexology”. This is to be able to maintain standards and issue a recognized qualification in FTR™.
Therapists undergoing the full FTR training and passing the assessment can then be registered as a FTR™ practitioner and use the letters "AFTR".

The full training involves the current FTR™ workshop (FTR ™1), followed by the FTR™2 workshop which concentrates fully on the emotional aspects. After which, reflexologists can take the optional assessment to become registered AFTR members.

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Any new clients for reflexology are being referred to my colleague Jayne Gray AFTR.
Jayne works the same way as I do and is trained in both Advanced Reflexology Techniques and in Foot Tapping Reflexology and is an excellent reflexologist.
She can be contacted on 0759 554 7077 or click here

I am still available for new clients wanting Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

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